The prunus Goris Gold PBR in all its glory, used as a hedge:


The prunus is easy to prune
and will produce yellow shoots each time:


And the plant comes in many different forms:


The Goris Gold PBR is supported by the people of Plantipp
internationaly, bringing People, Plants & Ideas together:

In the picture is Peter van Rijssen of Plantipp

How did the Prunus laurocerasus `Goris Gold`pbr originate?

A deviation of a laurel was found by me in Ossendrecht, so on the Brabantse Wal.
The original laurel species is indicated with the scientific name:
Prunus laurocerasus `Reynvaanii`.
That one has a dark green color, but by a freak of nature
a new variant originated which produces golden yellow shoots.
This new laurel was named by me: Prunus laurocerasus `GorisGold`pbr.

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