Generation Goris: How did it start?
In 1790 the Goris family started collecting the seed of the Scots pine. Formerly this pine was the most important timber producer in our country e.g. for the mining industry. At that time there is also a check on authenticity guarantee by the Vereniging van Waarborg.
At a certain point the Pinus Corsicana (laricio) was planted in the Wouwse Plantage. Its growth and adaptation to our climate proved to be no problem. Thanks to its beautiful shape and better timber yield than the Scots pine, there was soon interest in this species.

In 1907 my grandpa, J.B. Goris, established a pine seed trade at the Putseweg in Ossendrecht. The seed collection came from the Scots pine and the Corsican Pine. The latter pine was harvested in the approved forest of the Wouwse Plantage. This activity was continued by my father: J. Goris.
In 1983 the seed trade came to an end. Thereafter I took over the tree nursery from my father.

Here Grandpa Goris is standing in front of his mast plants. The building to the right is the parental home. In the background is the old kiln barn, about this barn can be told that it dated from 1850 and first served as a resting place/hostelry for the stage coach. In 1947 my father took over the trade and here he stands between the seedbeds with mast plants. Next to me a hedge of the new laurel Prunus ‘GorisGold’pbr (2013).
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