Here Grandpa Goris is standing in front of his mast plants. The building to the right is the parental home. In the background is the old kiln barn, about this barn can be told that it dated from 1850 and first served as a resting place/hostelry for the stage coach. The parental home built in 1907. In 1914 this photo was made. These are customs officers arresting smugglers (this photo has been staged). The little boy in front is my uncle Kees. Same photo but now enlarged. Text is: ‘In Den Dennenhandel’ (In The Pine Trade). It was also a pub. Woman at left in the door is my Grandma.
This radio stood in the pub. This painting hung in the pub. Ditto.
Book from 1898. Ditto. This is the only photo (from that time) ever made. The photo dates from 1927 and has been made in the forest of Wouwse Plantage. In the picture: to the right with basket grandpa Goris, middle forester Bastiaansen and with wheelbarrow uncle Stan Goris.
On fields in the neighborhood heath was cut, transported home, chopped with this machine and sold as animal feed. However, in the war 1914-1918 the chopped heath was mixed with flour to bake bread. In the middle Grandpa Tiest Goris. License 1945.