Intratuin is one of the places
where they are selling the Goris Gold PBR:

Now also for sale at several other garden centers


Of course we sell
the Goris Gold PBR
at our nursery in Ossendrecht:

We sell on stem, but also as shrub, and in different sizes.


Furthermore the Goris Gold PBR is sold via Amazon:


Plantipp takes care of the worldwide promotion
and the contact with breeders
for the Goris Gold PBR:

To introduce, manage and control a new variety worldwide, you need specialised know-how and a large network. Plantipp has extensive knowledge and experience in this field. Plantipp tests, introduces, manages, protects, controls and promotes new varieties together with breeders, growers and other partners all across the world.



Dutch cyclist Jan Janssen,
winner of the Tour de France
reveals the Goris Gold PBR:

Tour winner Janssen unveils the latest ‘Brabantse Wal’ product:

According to Martin Groffen, councillor and chairman of the regional organization ‘De Brabantse Wal’, yellow is the color of the leader. Therefore Jan Janssen – winner of the yellow jersey of the Tour de France in 1968 – was allowed to plant the first Goris Gold PBR. That happened Thursday, March 31, 2016 at the ‘Natuurpoort’ ‘De Volksabdij’ in Ossendrecht.



Roundabouts in Hoogerheide are planted and taking care of,
by the nursery of the Goris Gold:



Compact information about the Goris Gold PBR
issued as leaflet:




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